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Ethically conscious consumers and industries are ready to embrace sustainable solutions. One of the areas that lag behind is polyurethane. Although the widely used polymer is slowly turning towards renewable feedstocks and derivatives, a push is neccessary to ensure that the transition is quick and aimed at optimal sustainability.

Current polyurethane market is still dominated by fossil polyols.

Uncertainties in crude oil reserves and associated environmental hazards incentivise the creation of a green economy.

Commercial biopolyols are often food-competitive or rely on virgin feedstocks.

ecorbio produce truly sustainable biopolyols via the valorization of industrial by-product and waste streams.

ecorbio – innovating the future

We are a Chemical Engineering research based start-up, built up to gather expertise from many interdisciplinary fields with a common mission: to bring disruptive innovation into the field of polymer synthesis and approach industrial circularity.

We offer custom-tailored biopolyols for direct utilization in subsequent polyurethane syntheses for biopolyurethane foams, adhesives and coatings.

The ecorbio technology allows for the production of non-food crop nor virgin feedstock-derived biopolyols.

Via close partnership with established stakeholders, the innovation ensures additional value via product diversification.

The biorefinery approach proposed by ecorbio focuses on valorizing ultra-low value residues and industrial by-products directly and at scale.

Our know-how amassed throughout the many years of research aimed at lessening our dependence on virgin crude oil derivatives and other non-sustainable feedstocks is unique. ecorbio remains the only team having yielded promising results by using ultra low-value waste biomass to produce high quality biopolyols. By replacing conventional petroleum-derived polyols with Crudyol, we can achieve impressive greenhouse gas savings of up to 1 tonne of CO2 sequestered per tonne biopolyol produced.

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